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New banner challenge! UPDATED!!!

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New banner challenge! UPDATED!!!

Post by Just.in...Love on Tue Sep 09, 2008 10:59 am

I hope everyone has recovered from the heart attack we suffered because of the new promotial pictures! Smile Smilie exhausted

We'd like to make a new banner contest featuring these promotial pictures from the season premier. The deadline for sending in the banners will be sept.20th.

- The pictures shouln'd be greater than 900x300 - preferably around 800x300.
- You might send in as many banner suggestions as you like.
- The banner should also have "Justin & Rebecca community" written on it - doesn't have to be in the center though, but oculary.
- You may use quotes from the show as text.
- You should also place your initials in on of the corners - due to the copyright.

Please don't post your creations anywhere in the forum (or on other sides) but send them to one of us, either Carrie or me (Just.in...Love) via PM.
The voting will start on sept. 21st and will end on sept.27th.

Good luck and be creative! Thumbs up
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