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It's Sunday!

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It's Sunday! Empty It's Sunday!

Post by Just.in...Love Sun Nov 02, 2008 4:47 am

I sent out the newsletter, reminding all of you that it's sunday! Smile
Please make sure that the email adress ( troubledhearts_forum@yahoo.com ) is added to you contacts otherwise it might go to spam and you won't be notified about important announcements or the J&R scene uploads.
I don't send out spam!

Good evening Shippers!

Don't forget to turn on the tv tonight when B&S returns for it's 6th episode - "Bakersfield".

For all of you who can't watch B&S on tv - I'm uploading all the J&R scenes from the episodes to my YouTube account -> click here - normally the scenes are uploaded 1-2 days after the episode aired.

If you're curious about upcoming events make sure you check the Spoiler section.

Don't forget to visit us during/after the episode and tell us your thoughts about it -> Episode discussion.

See you around,
Isa aka. Just.in...Love
Troubled Hearts Sweetheart
Troubled Hearts Sweetheart

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