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Post by Just.in...Love Fri Apr 17, 2009 4:03 am

Hey fellow Shippers,
a lot has changed in the last few weeks/months. Quite a few new features were added to the forum by Forumotion, our provider.
The "multi-quote" option has finally been added - you can now quote from multiple members at once - without having to copy all the messages. There is a new button called "multi-quote" right next to the old "quote" button. If you klick on it, it will turn - very light - red, you can chose 2-3 or even more posts and the when you marked all the posts you want to quote from you hit the "write reply" - i won't work with the "quick reply" option.
The a new site will load and all the messages will appear in quoation marks - like this:


[quote="example"] EXAPMLE TEXT[/quote]

[quote="example"]EXAMPLE TEXT[/quote]

Second; The personal profiles have been modified. They're now called "advanced profile" - you can leave a member a message on his profile and you can see more details and it's more sturctured than the old one.

There is also a new "points-system" you get +1 point for every post and +3 for every topic, except in the Off-Topic area. ATTENTION: Spammers will still be banned - do not create mulitple posts in one thread - there is a reason for the intervention of the "edit" button! wink and no - I don't really know WHAT you can do with the points - lol.
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